A few days ago I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Kate and her daughter Lila for a mother and daughter photoshoot.  I have photographed Kate’s family many times over the years and Kate has gone from becoming my client to a good friend as a result. The bond between a mother and daughter is a very special one. I remember the moment I found out I was expecting a little girl at my 20 week scan like it was yesterday.  Although I knew I would have been very happy with another little boy as I adored my first so much, when the sonographer whispered ‘it’s a girl’, tears of joy ran down my face with amazement. I had always had such a special bond with my own mum and had always dreamt of having a little girl of my own as well as a boy. When the news came therefore that I was going to have a daughter as well as a son, I was completely over the moon.

As a woman, I value the opportunity to be a positive role model to my daughter as she grows over the years from a child into a woman of her own. Having been a girl myself, with the gift of wisdom now on my side, I am gently nurturing her to have a strong and healthy relationship with herself as well as those around her, so that she grows into a confident and empowered woman when she is older. This is a gift my own mother gave to me and one I get much reward from passing down to my own little girl.

Capturing the love between a mother and daughter on camera therefore, feels like a very special experience and I love creating the images that tell the story of that very precious relationship. Whether it be a mother with her very young daughter, child, teenager or grown woman of her own, the bond I see, is always beautiful to watch and photograph.

I know it is true to say that if we worry that we look out of shape, aren’t photogenic enough or are just too old to look good, we choose to hide from the camera or behind it because we would rather the limelight be on our children than on ourselves.  However, when a daughter grows up, she will likely look for pictures of herself with her mother and wonder why there are so few. Truthfully, a daughter doesn’t care about how you look in the photo, she only cares that you were there and that you were present with her in that moment. This is a selfless gift you both give and receive as the value of that photo grows over time.

Mother’s Day celebrates the importance of the role of motherhood and gives us the opportunity to say thank you for all that they do for us. It is also a chance for us as mothers to enjoy being spoiled for a day! As a mark of this special occasion, I am offering a complimentary mother and daughter photoshoot with £100 credit towards products for anyone who would like beautiful photographs with their mum.

If this is you or you know someone who would love such an experience, please contact me before March 26th 2017 to organise your voucher.

I look forward to hearing from you!